Shelter Island Residence

Shelter Island Residence

From the very beginning of the site planning process, Shelter Island Residence was a true collaboration of architecture and landscape.  Driven by strict flood zone requirements, the proposed house and swimming pool were elevated a full story above existing grades. Working closely with the architect, a master plan was conceived that seamlessly grounded the elevated floorplan within the surrounding landscape. In keeping with the architecture, the exterior terraces and walls were treated with the same stone as the building’s foundation.  This produced a monolithic and sculptural quality, reinforcing the relationship between structure and land.  An infinity edge pool was designed to draw in water views and also reflect the surrounding trees and sky. Located on the Shelter Island Sound, the site’s environmental sensitivities were honored through the use of impervious surfaces and an underground cistern, which captures rain water for irrigating the gardens.  Limited lawn area and a native plant palette further reduce the impact of development.

Sagaponack, NY

James Merrell Architects

Loebs + Gordon Poolcraft, Landscape Details Landscaping, Salt Construction


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