Holly Lane Residence

Holly Lane Residence

A setting for many exquisite pieces of art, the Holly Lane Residence landscape has a sculptural quality, which ultimately serves as both accent and backdrop. Referencing minimalist sculptures by Masatoshi Izumi, Tony Cragg, John Chamberlain and many others, the grounds are defined by clean lines, monolithic forms and natural materials. Natural french limestone terraces, a mirror like vanishing edge pool and architectural grading become artistic expressions within the landscape. Gardens are punctuated by trees and shrubs, meticulously trained and pruned into architectural forms, referencing the artwork they display.

Water Mill, NY

STM Design

Lettieri Construction, Whitmores Landscaping, Loebs & Gordon Poolcraft

Shine Hampton, Southampton Engineering PC

Photo Credits
Rich Faron, Jeff Heatley

Project Team
Chris LaGuardia, Alex Bluedorn

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